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For more Revit-related posts, be sure to check out the Dynamo post index. Since I usually work in Dynamo via Revit, almost all of my Dynamo posts also apply to Revit.

Top 5 Tricks to Working with Views

Families/ Components
Revit Families Index

Manufacturers and Recreating Lighting
Parametric Radial Array
Plant Graphics: Symbols and Color
Plant Graphics: Complex, Scaleable Symbol (Simplified)
Plantings in Pots and Planters
Rotating Reference Planes
Scaleable Landscape Families

File Setup
Categories and Subcategories
Linking & Managing the Survey
Linking CAD Files with Large Extents
Linking Civil 3D CAD Files
Establish Coordinates: Specify Coordinates at Point
Worksets in the Landscape

Early/ Schematic Design
Parking Layouts and Schedules
Site Analysis with Detail Components

Modeling the Landscape
Hardscape Pt 1: An Overview
Hardscape Pt 2: Modify Sub Elements
Hardscape Pt 3: Curbs
Hardscape: Floors vs Roofs

Railings: Edit Top Rail Path
Railings: Sloped Railing without a Host
Railings: Railings as Stair Treads

Ramps: The Difficulties of Ramps
Stairs: Cast-In-Place, Concrete Stairs
Stairs: Model In-Place Structure
Stairs: Nosing, Treads, and Stringers

Topo Pt 1: Create Toposurface
Topo Pt 2: Working the Triangles
Topo: Above Structure
Topo: Cleaning Up Topo Edges
Topo: Making Topo Follow Hardscape
Topo: Merge Surface
Topo: Split Surface

Construction Documents
Plans: Plan Notes, The Basics and Some Tricks
Plans: Property Lines and Tagging Arcs

Planting Plans, Pt 1: Schedules and Tags
Planting Plans, Pt 2: Shared Parameters
Planting Plans, Pt 3: Areas and Calculated Values
Planting Plans, Pt 4: Styles and Mixes

Grading Plans, Pt 1: Generic Annotations
Grading Plans, Pt 2: The True Spot Elevation
Grading Plans: Custom Slope and Elevation Grading Family
Grading Plans: Spot Elevations on a Curved Surface
Grading Plans: Spot Elevations and Spot Slope on Ramps
Grading Plans: Spot Slope

Sections/ Details: Detail Components in the Landscape

Architecture: Get a Clean Floor Plan View
Architecture: Share Coordinates, Site to Architecture

Civil: Establish Coordinates via Survey Point
Civil: Export Setting for DWG
Civil: Revit and Strange Civil 3D Behavior

MEP/ Structure: Share Coordinates, Site to MEP
Electrical: Copy/ Monitor Site Lighting

Schedules/ Cost Estimates
Calculating Length of Curb
Filter and Sort with Assembly Codes
Parking Layouts and Schedules

Add-Ins/ Apps
Topo Align
Topo From Lines
Road Topo
Siteworks to Site Designer


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