Revit FAQ

Here are some questions that frequently get asked about Revit, with some answers.

Isn’t Revit just for architects, not landscape architects?
In the same way that AutoCAD Architecture is just for architects. Have you ever heard of AutoCAD Landscape Architecture? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Autodesk does not have a program specifically for landscape architects.

What can Revit do?
For a more detailed answer, see All Revit Posts.

What cannot be done in Revit?
There are limitations to almost any software, including Revit. In general, it is rather lacking in tools for integrating civil engineering, including calculating stormwater systems, creating exaggerated sections (profiles), and complete control over grading topography.

Why use Revit?
There are many advantages to using BIM software, and Revit is just one option. However, if you work in a firm (or collaborate frequently with a firm) that already uses Revit, you have the most to gain by using it.

How much does Revit cost? It is expensive, right?
Just like any Autodesk software, it is free for students to download. But for everyone else, Autodesk has Revit bundled into several different packages, so the price varies.

More questions? Feel free to leave a comment (below) or send an email.


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