Revit Families Index

All of my content is posted on It is a free site that requires a login. This index has links to all of my posts (explaining the family in more detail) and the direct link to download the file.

Chainlink Fence w/ Privacy Slats [download]
Ornamental Metal Fence [download]
Wood Fence w/ Vertical Pickets [download]

Chair – Landscapeforms Catena Chair [download]
Table – Landscapeforms Tables [download]
Umbrella – Landscapeforms Equinox Umbrella [download]

Pavers: Basic [download]
Pavers: Belgard ED, OW, US [download]

Stairs: Nosing, Treads, and Stringers + Custom Shapes [download]

Rotatable, Editable Rock [download]
Simple, Scalable Rock [download]

Complex, Scalable Planting Graphic (Simplified) [download]
RPC and Solid Planting Geometry [download]

Play Equipment
Swing Set – Arched [download]

Mobius Climber – 7-Panel [download]
Spring Rider – Horse [download]

Generic Annotation – Spot Elevation [download]

Slope and Elevation Grading Calculator [download]


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