Plantings in Pots and Planters

When working with Plantings, the default level-based family is great for plants that are on the ground. But what about Plantings in pots or planters?

There are a variety of ways that you can get a Planting family hosted on top of a planter or pot, but one of the easiest methods is to turn on Work Plane-Based in the Family Parameters.

In the Family Editor, click on Family Category and Parameters, and check Work Place-Based.

family categories and parmeters    family parameters

Then, when placing the Planting, select Place on Face in the Modify Ribbon.

place on face

If you have the same plant on the ground (hosted to Topo) and also in a planter, I would recommend having two separate Planting families: one that is Work Plane-Base and one that is not.

You can switch back and forth between Work Plane-Base and not, and nothing will happen to your existing plants. However, if you try to copy a plant that was placed on Topo, but the Planting has been modified to now be Work-Plane Based, you will get the following error:


You will get a similar error if you try to copy a plant that was placed on a Face, but the Planting has been modified to not be Work Plane-Based anymore.


So if you need to place Plantings in a pot or planter, make a new Work Plane-Based family.



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