Parametric Radial Array in Revit Family

Success came today after I had been trying for a while to parametrically control a radial array within a Revit family.

Thanks to a couple of AUGI forums(here and here), I learned that in order to keep the array parameters from “breaking,” there has to be families nested three(3) deep. The first family is the component, the second has the array, and the third (and final) family controls the array. (don’t ask me why this is necessary)

So, now I have a curved parking bay family that is controlled by only two(2) parameters: Radius and Parking Spaces. See below:

Image(also pictured is my standard parking bay, seen at 90° and 70°)

I like to have my parking in bays for early concepts/ layout. I have found that having each, individual space as its own independent component gets tedious and messy fast.

Also, here are the guts of the parameters, if you’re interested.

20140211_parking parameters

it still needs a little cleaning up, but not bad


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