Add Adjacent Floor Points

After doing some Floor editing recently in Revit, I realized that my Match Adjacent Points workflow does not have the ability to add adjacent points. So I decided to test out a new method that could add points from an adjacent Floor that were along a shared edge. Somewhat surprisingly, this method can also be used to match adjacent points without replacing them.

And this workflow can be used twice on two Floors to match points from each.


To modify both Floors you just need to switch the inputs and run it a second time. Here is the full definition:


And I also condensed it all down into a single node, but it is dependent on both Clockwork and Spring Nodes.


This node can be found in the latest version of Landform, which has finally been updated for Dynamo 1.0. So all of the nodes should now be fully functional again (and I also removed a few now defunct/unnecessary nodes).


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