Match Floor Points Update

I have a slight update and correction to last week’s post, Match Adjacent Floor Points. A reader pointed out that the definition also reset all non-adjacent points to zero. So, I went back and modified the node and the definition so that it will work without modifying the other points. This is what it should look like:


And I also combined the above definition into a single node, SlabShape.MatchPoints (now available in Landform). But just so you know, this node is dependent on two Clockwork nodes, so you will need to have the Clockwork package installed for it to work.



10 thoughts on “Match Floor Points Update

  1. I tried and its taking forever… not sure why! it didnt happen for 10-15 mins for a small floor.. any thoughts for why it is taking too long?

    • Hi John. Make sure your Dynamo run is set to Manual and not Automatic. Also, make sure you have Clockwork installed. But it is difficult to say what your issue might be without looking at the files. If it continues to not work, I would recommend posting on the Dynamo forum (with some screenshots and even some files, if you can).

  2. Hi I’m very new to Dynamo. I’ve downloaded the latest Clockwork package but son’t seem to have SlabShape.MatchPoints. I’ve just typed it in the Dynamo searchbar and nothing shows. Any ideas?

  3. Hi guys I am using the node slabshape.matchpoints but still having all other points being reset to 00. Can you please explain what is the node that does stop points to reset to 00. Much appreciated

    • I am in the process of reviewing and updating Landform right now. MatchPoints is not working yet. But SlabShape.AddAdjacentPoints is still functional, so give that no one a try.

      • Thank you, yes I was thinking the same to use the adjacent points node as well. Thanks so much, I will give it a try.

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