Placing Annotations in Dynamo

I recently had a reader reach out and ask if is is possible to place Spot Slopes on every face of a Floor with Dynamo. Though there are no nodes (both ootb or custom) that I know of that will place a Spot Slope, you can still achieve a similar result by calculating slopes and putting those slopes into Generic Annotations.

This method can be used to place any number of symbols, annotations, or even detail components in a specific view.

To complete this definition you will need both Landform and Clockwork.

Since it has a few moving parts, I’ve broken it down into groups that explain what each part is doing. The bulk of the definition (the two green boxes on top) are simply rotating the annotation correctly in plan (xy).


Here is the result in Revit:


When working through the definition, I also placed actual Spot Slopes on each face in order to verify that the slopes were calculating correctly. Here they are in tandem:


As you can see, the generic annotation does not always have the text oriented correctly. I assume that this could be corrected fairly easily by filtering for certain angles and using one of the several flip nodes available in Clockwork.


5 thoughts on “Placing Annotations in Dynamo

  1. Is it possible to add an override color node for annotations that fall outside a certain slope range? This would be very helpful for QA.

    • Generic Annotations cannot be applied to Filters. If you wanted to use a filter to apply a color, I would recommend using a Detail Component instead, since Detail Items can be applied to Filters. Both Generic Annotations and Detail Components can also be scheduled, so that could be used to look at slopes outside of a certain range.

  2. Hi Lauren, many thanks for posting this. I was just about to start working on this task again. A wee newbie question – my slope arrow annotation doesn’t appear in the Family Types node (yours shows “Sym Slope Arrow:Slope Arrow”). I’ve definetely got some in my model and in the current view. Any ideas?

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