Parametric Wood Fence

It is easy to forget how often fences are used on projects. If nothing else, they are often used to enclose dumpsters. Here is a wood fence, the first in a line of fences and gates.

Any family can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. I prefer creating more complex parameter-driven families that can be used to create many different types. So in this fence family the height, length(span), post, rail, picket size, and spacing are all entirely adjustable.

Since this is a wood fence, the length of the fence will actually adjust based on the picket size and spacing. You can see the actual length in Length_Actual.


There are a couple of instance parameters that will adjust how the pickets start and end. The default settings are shown below:


The default adjusts the pickets so they don’t overlap when fences are placed end-to-end. The wrap corner and picket on end are for corner situations.fence_wood_3D

In addition to all of the dimensions, there are a few other type parameters that will change the picket type and add a third rail.


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