Pavers (and Materials)

Materials are one of those things that can be very daunting for a new user, especially if you’re coming from AutoCAD, where materials don’t really exist. To be honest, I largely ignored materials for my first few months in Revit (and what little I did, was only on the graphics tab). But if you actually spend the time to do your materials right, they can look quite good.


So, to get the week started off, here are some pavers. They’re pretty basic as far as materials go. I have them modeled here as floors, but you can get in and use them however you want- on subregions, roofs, masses, etc. Also, if you want to modify them (or make some different colors), the base images are below.

Site_Paver_Interlock_Herringbone_Gray Site_Paver_Standard_Herringbone_Tan Site_Paver_Standard_Running_Red


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