Playground Swing Set

The tricky part about making a swing set in Revit is simply the swing itself. The seat, in particular, does not lend itself to being constructed from sweeps and revolves. Also, a complex material like a chain is difficult to capture in a Revit material. But it is doable.


The key is finding the realistic balance between representation and accuracy. So, this Swing Set family has two Types, a Single and a Double Set.


The swing types can also be changed via a Family type parameter:

swing_swing type

There is a Belt Seat and and Bucket Seat. There are also parametric materials for the various frame and swing components. And finally, the image and cutout image for the chain material are below:


3 thoughts on “Playground Swing Set

    • Yes, it is a Revit Family. A common misconceptions about Revit is that it cannot create complex geometry. This is only true if you don’t know what you’re doing. I usually make my families entirely out of native Revit geometry, so yes you could use parts of this family to make your own swing set in Revit.

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