Chainlink Fence w/ Slats

Here is the next fence: the ever versatile, yet not-so-glamorous chainlink fence. I’ve even included privacy slats with this one, though the chainlink does not weave in and out around them like real slats (material constraint).




Like all fences, it must be arrayed around. It follows topo decently, but is built around a panel, so you’ll get gaps on steep slopes. The posts can extend below grade (Post Height Below Grade). All type parameters are shown below. Most are self-explanatory, but Chainlink Size and Calculate Spacing will adjust your slat spacing based on your chainlink size, so adjust those carefully.



Stay tuned for some corresponding gates. Also, here are the mats used, if you want to clean them up or make some different colors.

Site - Fences - ChainlinkSite - Fences - Chainlink cutout


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