Mobius Climber Play Structure

The next piece of Revit play equipment is the Mobius Climber, by Landscape Structures. Based on the non-orientable surface of the Möbius Strip, the panel element is composed of a single modular piece arranged and oriented in various ways.


As such, Landscape Structures has several standard Mobius Climbers, including a 12-panel, 7-panel, 6-panel and 3-panel. This family is the 7-Panel Mobius Climber.


Though its only notable parameters are Materials, you can use the nested Mobius Piece family to create a different or custom Mobius Climber. Both the panel piece and handhold families are face-based.

mobius_parameters       mobius_piece

Also, you might notice (in plan or elevation) that the free form element of the panel is not quite perfectly orthogonal.



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