Match Adjacent Floor Points

Continuing with last week’s theme of automating Slab Shape editing, another useful function that can be done in Dynamo is matching adjacent Floor points. So if you’ve taken the time to modify the points of one Floor, you can automatically match the adjacent (or overlapping) points of another Floor.

For this definition, I created a node that will get the adjacent points of two Floors and, when combined with Clockwork’s List.ReplaceItemAtIndex, it will replace the points of Floor 2 with the points of Floor 1. UPDATE: This definition will reset all non-adjacent points to 0, for an updated definition, see Match Floor Points Update.


However, for this first definition to work correctly, both Floors must already be converted to slab shapes.


Here it is in action:


The definition can be modified to work on a flat Floor that has not yet been converted to a Slab Shape.


It requires a few more nodes, including Input.Wait from SpringNodes.


This more complex version should work on a flat Floor or Slab Shape, but it will not work on a sloped Floor. If the Floor has a slope you will need to convert it to a slab shape first (but then you can match adjacent points using the simpler definition).



5 thoughts on “Match Adjacent Floor Points

  1. Nice, a real timesaver! Is it possible to only change the adjacent points and not reset the other ones to zero?

    • Ah, I thought I had worked that out… apparently not. Yes, it is doable, though I’ll need to modify the node. I’ll post an update soon. Thanks for letting me know.

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