Instance and Type Parameters

As a visual programming tool, Dynamo is well suited for automating a wide variety of tasks. This can include setting both instance and type parameters. And though I have posted before on how to set Shared (instance) parameters, I thought it would be worth noting the differences between instance and type parameters in Dynamo.

Instance parameters are easy to find. Simply select the model element (or elements) and connect it to Element.SetParameterByName.

The same method applies if you are just looking up parameters (with either Element.Parameters or Element.GetParameterValueByName). But since you are using an element (or instance), the only parameters that are available are instance parameters.

instance parameters

To find the type parameters you must select the Family Type instead. As I demonstrated in last week’s post (Revit/Dynamo Hierarchy of Elements), there are a variety of ways you can find the Family Type.

Once you have the Type, then you can use the same parameter nodes to find or set all of the type parameters associated with that type.

type parameters



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