Sorting Points

As follow-up to a previous post, Plant Connector Detail Lines via Dynamo, a reader suggested that the plantings could be sorted a few different ways, including by x and y coordinate values and by distance from another point. I thought these were both good ideas, so I went ahead and made a few nodes that can do just that.

Today’s Landform update has a few new nodes, including Points.SortByDistance and Points.SortByXY:


Starting out, here is a set of trees that I connect prior to sorting.


And the same trees connected with XthenY sorting:


And YthenX…


And then sorted by distance (using the min xy as the base point).04_sortdistancePNG

In concept, sorting by distance is ideal with a radial configuration:


Though linear configurations will also sort neatly. The SortByDistance node has the ability to sort sublists as well, so you can connect multiple sets of different planting types:


Unfortunately, I was not able to get the XY node to sort sublists correctly, but it will still work fine with a single set.

And here is the entire definition for connecting multiple planting types at once.



One thought on “Sorting Points

  1. Very, very, VERY helpful. Huge time saver as I’d been doing this with copy/pasted nodes over and over and over and over again. Thanks a bunch.

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