Demand BIM! (why Landscape Architects still use AutoCAD)

If BIM is so great why are most landscape architects still using AutoCAD?

Well, there are all the typical reasons: people resist change, BIM has steeper learning curve, the software is expensive, etc.  But here are The Top Three (3) Reasons why Landscape Architects (specifically) don’t use BIM:

    No. 3: The landscape is difficult to model.

This is a software developer issue that is quickly going away… have you seen Lumion? It makes some gorgeous looking landscapes.

    No. 2: Landscape architecture is a relatively small profession.

There are less of us than architects, engineers, etc… aka: we’re a small market.

    No. 1: We are not demanding it!

If we want BIM software, we need to do something about it. We need to inform software companies that we are valid market and that Revit isn’t cutting it, and we expect better! Demand it!


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