Why BIM?

Do it once, not three, four, five, or more times.

Why would you draw plans in AutoCAD, create a 3D model in SketchUp, draw sections and elevations in AutoCAD… and then when the plans change (as they always do) change it several times across multiple programs and files? Working in BIM allows you to do it all simultaneously.

Everyone else has it!

Collaboration is 100x easier when you work in the same program. All other design disciplines use BIM: architects, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers. At my office, all of these professions are in Revit. By working in the same program, I can see when doors, walls, and downspouts move. They can see my grade change along the building to coordinate foundations and brick ledges.

The information.

There is so much information to be had in scheduling. Anything that is tediously (and often incorrectly) counted by hand is instead scheduled: plant schedules, parking counts, area takeoffs, sheet indexes. When they change, the schedules update.

Once you become accustomed to working in a BIM program, you start to rely on that information and you’ll start to wonder, “Why do we settle for less?”.

BIM is here; it is inevitable.

Refusing to accept BIM is like holding desperately onto your flip phone- not wanting a new smart phone. Yes, it’s more complicated and more expensive, but it can give you so much more. How we work in the profession is changing, and the sooner you accept that, the easier the transition will be.


2 thoughts on “Why BIM?

  1. If we are next to completely new to Revit, how do we accelerate the learning curve and bring it into everyday landscape architecture practice ?

    • Well, I’m not saying Revit is the answer for everyone, but it does seem to be the popular product here in the United States. So if (as you say) the goal is to accelerate the learning curve and bring it into common practice I think two things must happen.

      First, there needs to be a much more organized discussion about BIM within the landscape architecture community. This is something I am working towards with this blog.

      Secondly, we need better tools/products out there. But that can only start once we get a solid foundation from the aforementioned discussions. So, I appreciate any and all feedback so that we can move towards making progress on all fronts. Thanks for commenting!

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