Training Course Now on Teachable

My training course, Revit Landscape: An Introduction to Revit and Site Modeling, is now available on a new platform (Teachable), though the content and price have remained the same. As I announced last month, my course was forced to move due to Udemy’s pricing changes.

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Udemy Pricing Change

Udemy announced yesterday that they are simplifying their pricing and promotional strategy. This is mostly a positive change, since their constant discounts are discouraging for the instructors and confusing for students, however they are also implementing a $50 cap on all course list prices.

Apparently 90% of their sales occur at or below this $50 threshold, so they have decided to limit all of their courses to this price. Needless to say, this is quite frustrating for instructors such as myself who cannot afford to price our courses so low. But we seem to only have two options: either allow our courses to be capped at $50 or disable (unpublish) them from the Udemy platform.

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BIM Academy Announces Landscape Course

Last week, BIM Academy announced that they are now offering a Landscape BIM course. According to their website, the two-day course will focus on Revit Architecture and Keyscape. Though they also note that, “To date there appears to be no single tool which is 100% effective in enabling a landscape consultant to produce an information model.”

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