I am currently offering an online video tutorial/ training course:

Revit Landscape: An Introduction to Revit and Site Modeling

For the price of $230, you get 33 video lectures, example Revit files and families, and any additional content that may be added in the future.


landscape-architecture focused Revit training course

This is an introductory course that focuses on modeling sites and landscapes in Revit. It is a video-based course and is specifically designed for new Revit users, so no prior Revit experience is required.

With the course platform, you pay once for the course and then have lifetime access, so you can learn at your own pace.

This course was previously available on Udemy, but due to changes in their pricing structure it was moved (to Teachable).


2 thoughts on “Training

  1. Great course! I have some experience with BIM through work, but I still found this course extremely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone transitioning into Revit. All the resources out there are focused on building/architecture and this helped fill in some of the information cracks that weren’t readily available for Landscape Architects.

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