Create a Water Solid with Spring Nodes

Revit does not have any built-in tools for modeling water, though I have previously shown how you can Model Water with Topo. But this method is more of a workaround and it does not work particularly well in section.

Now with Dynamo geometry tools and a couple of nodes from Spring Nodes, you can create a solid water element that perfectly follows your Topography.

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Modeling Naturalistic Water with Topo

While it can be fairly simple to model architectural water features with hard edges and geometric shapes (such as pools and fountains), natural or naturalistic water features can be much trickier to model. Typical techniques used to create In-Place families or Masses as water do not work nearly so well when applied to undulating, free-form shapes.

Topography, on the other hand, is one of the only native Revit elements that will easily create a “naturalistic” shape. In the past, I have worked with water on Topo mainly only as a Subregion, but how well would it work to create a separate Topo for the water itself?

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