Railings as Stair Treads

After posting about Stair Treads several months ago, Chris Dixon (at Franklin Ellis Architects) commented that Railing balusters could be used as treads on Stairs. This method works particularly well for small no-slip treads that essentially sit on top of the Stair.

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Stair Nosing, Treads, and Stringers

The Cast-In-Place Stair has several different parameters for customizing it. Depending on the stair, Nosing, Treads, and Supports can all be used in various combinations.


Located under Run Type (within the Monolithic Run family), Nosing can be tricky to get right, as it requires the use and modification of a sometimes glitchy Profile. The Stair Nosing – Pan profile is the only Stair Nosing Profile that Revit provides. Continue reading