Annotating Ramps

In a recent post about Ramps (and their problems), I stated that you cannot place Spot Elevations on the sloping part of the Ramp. While this is true in plan views, I was surprised to discover that Ramps can actually be annotated in 3D views…

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Spot Elevations on a Curved Surface

While working with shape-edited Floors, I have noticed that you cannot place a Spot Elevation on a sloped Floor face with a curved edge. You can place Spot Elevations along any edge, but once you hover over the actual face, it won’t allow you to place a Spot Elevation.

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Topo Part 2: Working the Triangles

As I’ve mentioned before, Topo is difficult to modify and fine-tune accurately. It is not impossible, though it can be time consuming. But understanding how Topo works and triangulates can make this task manageable and much less frustrating.

To start off, I have created a Toposurface with the following contour lines (though I actually used Topo From Lines, to make this one).

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