Shared Coordinates: Site to Architecture

Shared Coordinates is the key to any multidisciplinary work involving a site/ landscape. If architecture/MEP want to link the site in correctly, coordinates must be shared. Also, shared coordinates are needed to coordinate between Site and MEP.

Before starting the process, be aware:

  1. Shared Coordinates uses the Survey Point as the reference point. So be sure to establish real-world coordinates prior to sharing and be aware you will need to re-share if/after moving the Survey Point.
  2. Sharing Coordinates modifies the linked file that you’re sharing to. This means that everyone must either be out of that link, or synced up and not actively working/ borrowing stuff.
  • The second option is often preferred, as it wastes less time reopening files and links.
  • Before sharing coordinates, I often hop into the architecture file to check who is in the file via the Worksharing Monitor.

So after the architecture file is linked in, located correctly, and the architects are all synced/ out of their file… Continue reading