Free-Form Pebbles and Rocks

While hunting around for some Dynamo resources, I recently stumbled upon an old blog post from Zach Kron’s buildz, about creating a pebble shape in Revit. I have previously attempted to do this myself (to create the form for my simple, scaleable rock), but since I have very little experience in the Massing environment, I found the process rather difficult. But as Zach shows, it can be quite simple.

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Simple, Scalable Rock

All of my recent posts on scalable landscape families made me start thinking again about how scaling can be applied to rocks and boulders. Of all the landscape families out there, they are some of the trickiest to model, mostly because of their organic shape.

I have previously posted a scalable, rotatable, and editable rock, but it is admittedly a bit unstable. So this time I decided to make a more stable rock from an import and then nest it into a Planting family to make it scalable.


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Rotatable, Scalable, and Editable Landscape Boulder/ Rock

Of all the Revit landscape families, a boulder/rock is one of the most difficult to create, control, and then modify. By nature, rocks vary quite a bit in size and shape. In Revit, one of the best ways to model irregular shapes is in CME (Conceptual Massing Environment) and not in the traditional Family Editor. But, as Tim Waldock notes on RevitCat, CME families (otherwise known as adaptive components) do not host to Topo.

Disappointing, to say the least, but unsurprising since Topo disregards most Revit rules.


So this rock is a traditional Site component that will host to Topo. It is both scalable and rotatable Continue reading