Landform Update: New Topography Nodes

I am excited to announce that there are some new nodes in the latest Landform update. These nodes are written in C#, and if you are interested in taking a look at the source code, I also now have a repository for Landform on GitHub. Shout out to John, over at sixtysecondrevit and creator of Rhythm and Monocle, for getting me going on these.

Most of these new nodes are focused on editing Topography, which is something that I have always wanted to do in Dynamo.

Here are the six new Topo nodes:

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The Difficulties of Ramps

The Ramp tool is one of those archaic Revit tools that hasn’t been updated in a while (if ever). It is difficult to use and prone to errors. This discrepancy is obvious when comparing Ramps to Stairs. Since Stair by Component was introduced in Revit 2013, Stairs have been created from Run and Landing components, making them easier to manage and create.

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Edit Top Rail Path

Even with the newer Railing tools that were introduced in Revit 2013, the Railing tool is still quite limited. The Top Rail path can be edited, but only to add extensions to the main path. Usually, the main path cannot be modified, but Luke over at What Revit Wants noted that there is a situation that will allow you to modify the main path for the Top Rail.

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