Playground Horse Spring Rider

This piece of play equipment is based on the TuffRiders® Horse. They make several different riders (mostly animals), but the horse is certainly one of the most iconic, perhaps because it is rooted in the traditional rocking horse.


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Mobius Climber Play Structure

The next piece of Revit play equipment is the Mobius Climber, by Landscape Structures. Based on the non-orientable surface of the Möbius Strip, the panel element is composed of a single modular piece arranged and oriented in various ways.


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Playground Swing Set

The tricky part about making a swing set in Revit is simply the swing itself. The seat, in particular, does not lend itself to being constructed from sweeps and revolves. Also, a complex material like a chain is difficult to capture in a Revit material. But it is doable.


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