Hardscape, Part 1: An Overview

There are dozens of ways to model hardscape within Revit. The ‘hardscape’ I am referring to here is primarily the ground plane hardscape, such as concrete, asphalt, pavers, curbs, etc. While there are specific tools for creating stairs, walls, and railings, there is no system family specifically for landscape hardscape. There is also no curb tool. So let’s review the options…

Subregions can only be used on a Toposurface. They are just a part of the whole Topo (and will show up in a Topo schedule), hence their name ‘subregions.’ They work well if you want a quick hardscape area draped over Topo and are fine for broad, large-scale visualization. But as Topo, Subregions do not work well as hardscape once you move into finer detail graphics and documentation. Here are the main reasons why: Continue reading