Belgard Pavers

There are two tricky, and often time-consuming, steps to making a more complex (and somewhat organic) patterned paver Floor family. First, if you want the pavers to render correctly, you need a high quality image for the material asset. Then, you need a corresponding hatch pattern for the basic graphics.

For the image, I will often do an image search to try and find a suitable image that I can use or Photoshop accordingly. While searching I discovered that Belgard, a paver (and other hardscape) manufacturer, has many paver images available online (if you know where to look). They even have the same pattern in various colors, though the colors do not seem to always match the available colors on the website…

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Pavers (and Materials)

Materials are one of those things that can be very daunting for a new user, especially if you’re coming from AutoCAD, where materials don’t really exist. To be honest, I largely ignored materials for my first few months in Revit (and what little I did, was only on the graphics tab). But if you actually spend the time to do your materials right, they can look quite good.


So, to get the week started off, here are some pavers. Continue reading