Linking CAD Files with Large Extents

While testing out some Civil 3D CAD links last week, I noticed another strange thing that was happening with some of the links. When the CAD link was reloaded (either manually or by closing and reopening the Revit file), it would actually move within the Revit file. The two images below show where the link started and where it would move.                     link_location01                         link_location02

It seems to be unrelated to the Civil 3D “splitting” effect, since it also occurs with a standard AutoCAD file.  Continue reading


Coordinating with Architecture: Get a Clean Floor Plan View

The trick to coordinating with any other discipline in Revit, is to get them to maintain a view for you. Or at least have that view setup in their file, so you can go and clean it up as needed. This is often what happens with architecture, not because they are necessarily worse at maintaining their view, but because it takes more effort to filter the multiple categories that consist of the building shell (with MEP, if I have them turned on at all, it is only to see a few pieces of equipment or connections).

In our Architectural template, there is a view that they use to export down to dwg (if needed) and it is also the view that we look at in all of our plan views. Shown below are the typical Revit Link settings: view filters, view range, and model categories are all by linked view. Annotation categories is custom and all turned off (just to be safe, though technically there shouldn’t be any annotations).

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