‘BIM There, Done That’ on LAM

This month’s issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine has a new article out, “BIM There, Done That,” which focuses on Meghan Quinn from Office of Cheryl Barton who seems to have some pretty solid Revit experience.

It is a good follow-up to their first article last year, “The Limits of BIM“. And it is certainly refreshing to read about a landscape architect with a can-do attitude about BIM and Revit in landscape architecture. Though I was admittedly surprised by a few statements throughout the article.

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What Should We Do About ‘The Limits of BIM’

It seems like BIM in landscape architecture is finally starting to gain traction as a topic that is worthy of discussion. The Annual Meeting this past November had a session on BIM (BIM in Landscape Architecture: Opportunities and Challenges) and now this month’s issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine has published “The Limits of BIM.”

Here is the synopsis:

Landscape architects are being pulled by architects and clients into the world of building information modeling, or BIM, though the technology is not even close to ready for landscape applications.

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