Adding Terrain Data in InfraWorks

Terrain/ Elevation Data is the first type of data that must be loaded in a new Infraworks file. This does 2 things: provides a base for the entire model and tells Infraworks where in the world the model is located.

Both Terrain and Ground Imagery Data are added as Raster Files. But looking at that long list of file types, how do you know which ones to use for Terrain?

iw_raster types

Though I have not yet used all of these file types, Global Mapper (another GIS mapping program) has an excellent list Continue reading


Add 3D Model with Real Coordinates

There are a wide variety of 3D Models that can be added as data sources in InfraWorks. The options for 3D Models Files are .3ds, .dae, .dxf, .fbx, and .obj. With the right version you can also add IMX, Revit, IFC, and LandXML files as well. But for this post, I am going to be working with .fbx files exported from Revit.

iw_3d_exportFBX is a 3D exchange format that can be used and generated by a variety of programs and tools. In Revit, FBX is towards the top of the Export menu.

Like with any 3D export, you want to make sure you are in a 3D view. Unlike with DWG or IFC export, there are not many settings to be adjusted.

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Now Launching: InfraWorks

Starting this week, landarchBIM is expanding into the world of InfraWorks! It is a program that can compile GIS data and hundreds of 3d models to create large, regional models. As you can see, Autodesk likes to demonstrate this with impressive city models.

iw_main image

If you want to know more check out About InfraWorks. There are also some tutorials and data links on the InfraWorks Resources page.

But if you would like to gain a little more insight into the power and limitations of the program, here are my first impressions Continue reading