Topo Align App

While browsing through a Revit Forum post, I noticed that someone mentioned an app that could align Topo to Slab Edges. A quick search on the Autodesk Exchange turned up the Topo Align app.

I have not yet had the chance to test it out myself, but even after just briefly looking at its features, it seems like a very worthwhile Revit add-in. And for a cost of only 1.99 USD, it is also a really good deal. If you frequently work with Toposurfaces, I highly recommend that you check it out.

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Hardscape Floors vs Roofs

With a lack of adequate hardscape tools in Revit, many firms and individuals have taken to modeling hardscape with a variety of other families. Two of the most popular hardscape alternatives are Floors and Roofs. They are quite similar in their structure and they can both be modified by sub-elements.

When I was first introduced to the concept of modifying sub-elements it was actually via a Roof. As I have seen the topic discussed and presented, it seems like Roofs are quite popular among architects and structural engineers, perhaps because they are more familiar with shape-editing Roofs. But after using both Floors and Roofs for hardscape, I have found Floors to be the better option.

Here are the reasons why I use Floors for my hardscape (and not Roofs):

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Stair Nosing, Treads, and Stringers

The Cast-In-Place Stair has several different parameters for customizing it. Depending on the stair, Nosing, Treads, and Supports can all be used in various combinations.


Located under Run Type (within the Monolithic Run family), Nosing can be tricky to get right, as it requires the use and modification of a sometimes glitchy Profile. The Stair Nosing – Pan profile is the only Stair Nosing Profile that Revit provides. Continue reading