Custom Slope and Elevation Grading Family

Typically, when grading a site, an engineer or landscape architect will specify new spot elevations based on desired slopes and existing spot elevations. Grading is mainly just drawing lines across various areas and interpolating spot elevations based on slopes.

While Revit’s current hardscape and Topography tools are not ideal for grading a landscape, it does have the capability to calculate slopes and spot elevations for you. All you need is a custom family with some parameters and formulas set up the right way.

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Adding Terrain Data in InfraWorks

Terrain/ Elevation Data is the first type of data that must be loaded in a new Infraworks file. This does 2 things: provides a base for the entire model and tells Infraworks where in the world the model is located.

Both Terrain and Ground Imagery Data are added as Raster Files. But looking at that long list of file types, how do you know which ones to use for Terrain?

iw_raster types

Though I have not yet used all of these file types, Global Mapper (another GIS mapping program) has an excellent list Continue reading