Monday Updates: Feb 2015

After being gone on holiday last week, I am back with some new updates:

Starting this month, I am launching a new series: Landscape Architecture + BIM in Practice. I will be interviewing and featuring posts on landscape architects and firms that are actively using BIM in the landscape.

I am still looking for more firms, so if you are currently using BIM in the landscape and would like to be featured on my blog, please send me an email.

Also, the previous 2 posts (Worksets and Complex Plant Graphics) were both responses to questions that I received from readers.  Continue reading


Monday Update: Some New Pages

Recently, I have been working to add some new pages, with more information and resources. There are now several new pages, including BIM Resources, Revit Resources, About Revit and Revit FAQ, all accessible from the main menu. I will do my best to keep the resources pages up-to-date with accurate information. Please let me know if you think I missed any critical landscape architectural BIM resources, as there are not currently very many out there.

Also, there is a brand new About Me page, if you are interested in and do not yet know who I am.

Topo From Lines, A Useful Revit Add-In

From Harry Mattison over at Boost Your BIM, comes one of the most useful add-ins for the landscape architect in Revit: Topo From Lines. You can download it for free on the Autodesk exchange.

Essentially, you can create topography from model lines drawn at their respective elevations. To test it out, I created a series of reference planes (named by elevation), drew some contour lines, and then hosted those strings to the correct plane. Plan and elevation views below:


I also made a retaining wall (to see how the topo would behave around it) and created some areas where I know Revit usually stumbles with topography (note the sharp angles).

So here are the lines:


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