Initial Parking Layouts and Schedules

Laying out parking lots can easily become one of the most tedious aspects of laying out a new site. It seems like we are always trying to maximize the amount of parking for a given area (though this might be slightly more relevant in the United States). Doing this in AutoCAD is less painful with the right tricks, but it is still a long and error-prone process.

In Revit, laying out parking is not only faster and easier, but you can also make various design options, get schedules for each option, and automatically tag each bay by count.

parking_option1    parking_option2_taggedparking_schedule

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Filter More Effectively with Assembly Codes

While managing Subcategories is essential for data exporting and view graphics, they are essentially useless when working with schedules. Schedules are created based on Categories (and a few special Subcats) and can only be filtered by the Parameters within that Family.

assemblycode_new schedule               assemblycode_parameters

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