Parking Content (feat. Aaron Maller)

I came across this video that Aaron Maller posted a few days ago and I thought it was worth sharing. In it, Aaron is simply laying out some Parking families in Revit, but it is interesting to see the various ways in which people build and use their own content. There are almost always things that you can learn from other people to improve your own methods and content.

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Placing and Modifying Topo Points

I just got back from RTC Europe on Monday, and as a landscape designer I went in with the expectation that there would not be many sessions that would apply directly to the landscape. And in general, that was the case.

However, there was one very applicable session- a Topography lab taught by Joe Banks, from BVN in Brisbane, Australia. I was quite impressed with both the content and overall presentation of the class; Joe is a really funny guy and he has a fair amount of experience working with Topography. And I even learned a few things about placing and modifying Topo points…

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