Topo Slope Analysis

Since Dynamo provides access to the API, it can be quite useful in automating certain processes, such as placing, sizing, and rotating plants. But it can also be utilized as an analysis tool.

And Topography slope analysis is frequently required to determine which areas of land are buildable.

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Site Analysis with Detail Components

As I mentioned in the previous post, Detail Components can be used in plan as diagrammatic elements and one of the most direct applications of this is site analysis. Traditionally, site analysis diagrams are hand-drawn graphics and they can range quite a bit in style, as you can see in some of the examples below.

But in general, they all show a lot of similar information: natural features, climatic systems, zones and uses, views, relationships, conflicts, and main nodes. While they are traditionally drawn by hand, many graphics today are being done increasingly on the computer, whether that is in CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, or some other program. And though Revit may not have the best graphical capabilities, it is not that difficult to make a few analysis Detail Components to have at your disposal.

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Now Launching: InfraWorks

Starting this week, landarchBIM is expanding into the world of InfraWorks! It is a program that can compile GIS data and hundreds of 3d models to create large, regional models. As you can see, Autodesk likes to demonstrate this with impressive city models.

iw_main image

If you want to know more check out About InfraWorks. There are also some tutorials and data links on the InfraWorks Resources page.

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