Import CSV and LandXML

There are essentially three different methods for creating Topography in Revit:

  1. Place Points manually
  2. Create from Important Instance (dwg)
  3. Create from Points Files (csv or txt)

When working with survey files, the first option obviously is not feasible and the third option usually has less than desirable results. Continue reading

Automatically Place Plantings in Areas

One of the pitfalls of using Areas as planting areas is that Areas do not have any 3d representation. This can become an even bigger issue if you want to create a rendering that shows the plants in those Areas.

But with Dynamo, you can automatically place individual Planting components in their respective Areas based on their spacing and types.

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Toposurface to NurbsSurface

In Revit, Toposurfaces are Mesh elements. By definition, a mesh contains points, edges, and faces. Topos are always more manageable to edit when they have fewer points and edges, but all of those edges can also make them appear unrealistic.

There are a variety of methods you can use to smooth out those edges, but one of the quickest ways to do this is to convert the Topo into a Nurbs Surfaces (in Dynamo, of course).

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