Making Topo Follow Hardscape

Several weeks ago, I came across an interesting post by Paolo Emilio Serra at Punto Revit. He had found a video by Mustafa Khalil at Architecture for Humanity. The video demonstrated a Revit Add-In that was developed to make Topography follow a shape-edited Floor (or Roof). Serra then proceeded to make and share an API code that also makes Topo follow/ align to a Floor.

I was intrigued, as this would be highly useful to anyone working with shape-edited Floors and Topo. So, I decided to investigate both options Continue reading

LandCADD, An Unecessary Revit Add-In

UPDATE: As of summer 2014, LandCADD is no longer being offered as a Revit Add-In.

With Revit’s paltry site tools, there are always questions about and interest in EaglePoint’s LandCADD add-in. After extensive experience using LandCADD in Revit 2013, I came to the conclusion that it was an unnecessary tool. Read on for more detail.

There are two(2) tool groups, planting and hardscape, which you can see on the ribbon:



Three of the hardscape tools (fence, parking, and component) simply place components through an extra dialogue box and are essentially slightly more robust array tools. The fence tool was really the only one of these three that I used frequently, after switching to using parking bays (and not individual spaces).

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Topo From Lines, A Useful Revit Add-In

From Harry Mattison over at Boost Your BIM, comes one of the most useful add-ins for the landscape architect in Revit: Topo From Lines. You can download it for free on the Autodesk exchange.

Essentially, you can create topography from model lines drawn at their respective elevations. To test it out, I created a series of reference planes (named by elevation), drew some contour lines, and then hosted those strings to the correct plane. Plan and elevation views below:


I also made a retaining wall (to see how the topo would behave around it) and created some areas where I know Revit usually stumbles with topography (note the sharp angles).

So here are the lines:


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