Revit 2017: Curbs from Railings

If you follow any sort of Autodesk news, you probably already know that Revit 2017 was released last week. Even though Autodesk only officially announce the release this Monday, the new features have been somewhat public for the past week since the Revit 2017 online help documentation was discovered.

Besides the change in the logo, Revit 2017 seems to be following the trends of Revit 2015 and 2016, with little fanfare and quite a few smaller changes (and no really big changes). In the architectural world, the two features that seem to have risen to the top of the list are the Text Editor and Depth Cueing.

While I can certainly appreciate those two features, as someone who is concerned with site and landscape workflows, they do not quite make the top of my list. Continue reading

Update: Blog and Course Mailing Lists

Because of recent changes on Udemy, I have decided to start my own mailing lists for both my training course and my blog. I had previously looked into doing this, but wasn’t sure it was worth the effort, especially since WordPress has its own email sign-up. However after unpublishing my course on Udemy, I have realized that I cannot always rely on these platforms to share my goals and objectives.

So moving forward, I will be managing my own mailing list. The new ‘Sign Up’ button on the sidebar links to a new sign-up form. Just like the WordPress one, it will sign you up to receive emails every time I post.

Unlike the default WordPress sign-up, I have also included an option to choose which types of posts you would like to receive emails about:

landarchBIM form_02.PNG

Also, if you are currently enrolled in my Udemy course and would like to have access to new lectures and content, please join my Revit Landscape Course mailing list. This is a different mailing list only available to enrolled students. Continue reading

Training Course Now on Teachable

My training course, Revit Landscape: An Introduction to Revit and Site Modeling, is now available on a new platform (Teachable), though the content and price have remained the same. As I announced last month, my course was forced to move due to Udemy’s pricing changes.

The changes at Udemy went into effect last night and I discovered this morning Continue reading

Information Modeling, from ASLA’s The Field

Apparently, last month’s LAM article has inspired further discussion from ASLA regarding BIM in landscape architecture.

The Field (ASLA’s PPN blog) posted an article, Information Modeling… “Are we there yet?”,” written by Matthew Wilkins, co-chair of the Digital Technology PPN. For those who do not know, the Digital Technology Continue reading