BIM Resources

There are many, highly in-depth resources out there regarding BIM. In the United States and most of the world, BIM is still largely relegated to the architectural fields. So, almost all information and literature pertains to BIM in architecture. This is starting to change, most notably in Norway and the United Kingdom.

National Authorities

BIM for Landskapsarkitektur. (Norway)

Landscape Institute BIM Open Project. (UK)
For more general and UK BIM resources, LI has a dedicated Resources page.

In the UK, the government has mandated BIM on all government projects by 2016. This has lead to the creation of the LI BIM Open Project and the BIM working group. One of their goals is to publish a Landscape BIM Book by early 2016.

American Society of Landscape Architects. (US)
The ASLA currently has very little information about BIM, though they have published a LATIS paper about BIM. The latest version, “Integrating BIM Technology into Landscape Architecture, 2nd Edition” was written by James L Stipes, and published in 2014.

This technical manual “includes a comprehensive discussion of BIM standards, applications, and currently available programs.” It also shows several projects that have used BIM. This publication is free to ASLA members, though it can also be purchased by non-members for $50.

Other Resources

BIM for Landscape Architecture Wiki. an open and editable resource for landscape architects seeking information about BIM (started by Thirwall Associates, out of the UK).


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