Landform Update: New Topography Nodes

I am excited to announce that there are some new nodes in the latest Landform update. These nodes are written in C#, and if you are interested in taking a look at the source code, I also now have a repository for Landform on GitHub. Shout out to John, over at sixtysecondrevit and creator of Rhythm and Monocle, for getting me going on these.

Most of these new nodes are focused on editing Topography, which is something that I have always wanted to do in Dynamo.

Here are the six new Topo nodes:

The three Actions, which allow you to edit Topopgraphy directly, are: AddPoints, DeletePoints, MovePoints. If you plan to use these, be sure to run them in Manual Mode. If you run them in Automatic, they may freeze or crash your Dynamo. I tried to get them to work in Auto, but it seems that Topography editing is not something that can be done in Auto.

The other three Topo nodes (GetInteriorPoints, GetBoundaryPoints, and DistinctXY) are Queries, so they can be run in Automatic.

For now, I have just one other node: Railing.Set Host, which will allow you to set or reset the host element (to a floor, wall, stair, roof, or topo) for a railing. This can be used for automating placement of a wide variety of railings in site or landscape modeling, such as curbs or even parking striping.

And it can be paired up with Railing.ByPathTypeAndLevel (in WombatDynamo package) to create and host railings all in one go.


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