Landscape Architecture: A Useful Piece of the BIM Workflow

I was recently interviewed by Linda Duffy for an upcoming article in the digital edition of Geo Data Point. The article, Landscape Architecture: A Useful Piece of the BIM Workflow was just published in the February edition. It is a pretty slick interactive publication, so you can click on the article title on the front page and it will take you directly to the article.

The first part of the article, which I primarily contributed to, focuses primary on the general concepts of BIM, but there are a couple images of the project I am currently working on at GGN, The Washington State Convention Center Addition. The second half of the article focuses on Eric Gilbey from Vectorworks.

On an unrelated note, I am planning to be at the Seattle Revit User Group tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15. And I am aware that I have not been posting very frequently and I am working to correct that and find a spot for the blog in my new full time schedule.


One thought on “Landscape Architecture: A Useful Piece of the BIM Workflow

  1. Ah, good to see you’re back in business, and not a mention of Dynamo…!

    Having spent years working in Vectorworks before jumping ship to Revit, I wish we’d invested in Landmark at the time. The grass looks very green on that side of the fence from the point of view of landscape tools. I’d love to hear someone’s experience of using Landmark in an IFC workflow.

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