Update: Blog and Course Mailing Lists

Because of recent changes on Udemy, I have decided to start my own mailing lists for both my training course and my blog. I had previously looked into doing this, but wasn’t sure it was worth the effort, especially since WordPress has its own email sign-up. However after unpublishing my course on Udemy, I have realized that I cannot always rely on these platforms to share my goals and objectives.

So moving forward, I will be managing my own mailing list. The new ‘Sign Up’ button on the sidebar links to a new sign-up form. Just like the WordPress one, it will sign you up to receive emails every time I post.

Unlike the default WordPress sign-up, I have also included an option to choose which types of posts you would like to receive emails about:

landarchBIM form_02.PNG

Also, if you are currently enrolled in my Udemy course and would like to have access to new lectures and content, please join my Revit Landscape Course mailing list. This is a different mailing list only available to enrolled students. There is a sign-up link available on Udemy in an announcement I posted in the Q&A section.

udemy announcement

And finally, if you are currently subscribed to the WordPress email list, but would like to switch over to my mailing list, there are a couple of ways you can unsubscribe from the WordPress emails.

  1. Find the latest post email you received and click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom.
  2. Or go to this page and enter your email address. WordPress will then send you an email. Click on the link in the email and then click on Unfollow (on the right side).

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