From Dynamo to Revit with Spring Nodes

In response to a previous post on importing OSM and terrain data into Dynamo, a reader asked how to get the geometry into Revit.

There are probably multiple methods that can move geometry from Dynamo to Revit, but so far I have only used the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node in the SpringNodes package (by Dimitar Venkov).

This node is noted to still be in “beta,” but so far I have not had any issues with it. And it can be used to create individual families for each building solid.


In this example, I created over 500 buildings using this node, though it did take a little while to generate 500+ families.


Once finished, the families will not yet be visible, but they will appear in the Project Browser:


And then the buildings just need to be placed. Since the families are already created, you can disconnect FamilyInstance.ByGeometry and place the families based on their string name.


And voila!


Because of how FamilyInstance.ByGeometry generates the families, the families are placed at the project origin. This is noticeable if you edit any of the Mass families…

mass_family origin

Not the most convenient if you need to modify or replace any of the families, so I have asked Dimitar to consider adding an option to adjust the origin of the family. So this might be incorporated in a future release.

And if you are interested in how to create the solid geometry in Dynamo, here is the rest of the definition. The heights of the buildings are random and it incorporates a number of other custom nodes from SpringNodes, as well as a couple from Clockwork, Archi-lab, and Landform.



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