RTC Europe Session Handout

If anyone is interested in learning a bit more about my RTC Europe presentation, Revit Sites and Landscapes, I have decided to make the handout available.

So if you wanted to review anything that I covered or if you were not able to attend the session (or conference), I have updated the handout so that it now matches the final presentation.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the session, here is the description:

Have you ever tried to model a landscape or site in Revit? Do you find yourself wishing for better Site Tools in Revit? Are the landscape architects the only discipline at your firm not using Revit?

Revit and BIM are not just for buildings. Landscape architects around the world are using Revit more and more for design and documentation. And though some of the current tools are somewhat lacking, Revit is still quite capable of creating detailed sites and landscapes.

This course will focus on:

●  The challenges and limitations of creating landscapes in Revit.
●  The benefits of sites and landscapes in Revit.
●  How to create and update landscape elements, including topography, hardscape, curbs, parking, and plantings.
●  How to coordinate with architecture, interiors, structure, and MEP in Revit.
●  Who has the most to gain by using Revit in the landscape.

Here is the download link:




5 thoughts on “RTC Europe Session Handout

  1. This is miles better than anything that’s ever been published on BIM at Land8 – it would make a great article too, almost un-amended, as it’s written in a presentation style. Why don’t you get them to publish it?

  2. I agree with pumphousebim. This should be published as an article. Have you approached AUGI with this presentation? I think they would publish it in AUGI World magazine if you shared it with them.

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