Topo By Lines

If you’ve ever used Harry Mattison’s (Boost Your BIM) Revit add-in Topo From Lines, you might have noticed that it hasn’t been updated to either 2015 or 2016. But now you can do the same thing in Dynamo, and I have even created a custom node for this in the Landform package.

The Topography.ByLines node is fairly simple. Just select model lines (set at varying elevations) and specify a point interval (this example is set to 10 feet)…

custom node

And it will generate points and a topography from those points…


In fact, I have actually found the results to be more consistent than the toposurfaces created with Topo From Lines. This is because Topography.ByLines allows you to specify the point interval, which results in more consistent triangulation.

For comparison, this is the Topo that was generated from the same lines (using Topo From Lines), and even though it has already been cleaned up some, you can still see that the points, and thus the triangulation, is more irregular.


And an updated version of Landform has been published today, with some fixes and also some new nodes.


7 thoughts on “Topo By Lines

  1. I believe this function is now built into Revit. I am using Revit 2015 and you can import dwg with 3D info and create a topo. Is this different from what you and Harry Mattison have done?

    By the way – love your blog and I greatly appreciate the information you freely share.

    Thank you,

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