Monday Update: AUGI Wishlist

It is that Autodesk time of year again. Autodesk University is quickly approaching, and with that comes the Wish List over at AUGI.

Of course there are a few rules with the AUGI Wish List:

  1. You must be a registered member.
  2. You can only Rank and Submit wishes for products that you use (under Membership Details).

It is also a little tricky to find. Once registered and logged in, go to the wishlist page and at the bottom of the page these tabs will appear:

Click on Ranking to rank random wishes. Re-Rank will allow you to go back and look at wishes you have already ranked.

So if you are a registered AUGI Revit user, go Rank some wishes! And if you don’t like what you see, Submit your own wishes. If you are interested, here are my 3 wishes. You can search for them under the Add a Wish tab.

Topography with Contours (wish 468908)


 Site Hardscape not Subregions (wish 468910)


Planting Areas (wish 468911)


The first two wishes are a bit more universally desired across all disciplines, since they would make overall site modeling much easier. Planting Areas is a bit more landscape architecturally-specific, but it would greatly enhance 3d visualization of planting plans.


2 thoughts on “Monday Update: AUGI Wishlist

  1. I voted for your number 1, but didn’t see your others so voted for the two general ‘better site tools’ wishes that are in the top 30

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