4 thoughts on “Land8 BIM Blog Post!

  1. Lauren, I have been interested in using Revit for landscape, but it seems very hard to make it beautiful… We use Vectorworks in our office, which is an amazing BIM tool with very good 2D graphical capabilities, and mediocre 3D representation… but the planting tools are simply amazing. You mention simplifying your workflow, but how to create presentation drawings for a planting plan in Revit? Vectorworks allows us to create presentation and working drawings in the same document, and even 3D paving w/ schedules, etc. just like Revit. If Autodesk would make a Mac-native Revit, it might be worth a try, but as of now, the workarounds are too much. Awesome to see someone pioneering Revit in landscape though!

  2. Hi Ben. I will be the first to admit that Revit is not ideal on many levels, yet it still has much to offer. It is also the program of choice for architects, structure, and MEP, so for those (like myself) in a multi-disciplinary office, Revit is really the only option (though I would certainly like some of the features that Vectorworks offers).

    There is always the Mac issue, but that should be resolved when everything eventually goes cloud-based.

    There are ways of getting some graphics into planting plans, but they are workarounds (not perfect). But, yes, this is a starting point. I hope we can get better BIM tools out there for landscape architects. Cheers.

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